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Magento Development

Are you looking for a Magento Developer to handle various different tasks for your online store? When you hire our Magento developer, you always have someone experienced, responsive next to you, when you need and you only pay for the hours the developer works per your request. This is different from our Magento Dedicated Developer which is monthly contract. With Hire Magento Developer service, you dont have to pay for full month service and this is really suitable when you dont know the work load in advance. You just buy an amount of credit and this credit is deducted every time you request hours from our Magento developer.

Start taking outsourcing advantage and hire programmers from NewTechFusion.

NewTechFusion Hire Dedicated Magento Developer Service Include :

  • Magento custom development
  • Magento customization
  • Magento dedicated designers
  • Magento dedicated developers
  • Magento design and skin services
  • Magento module development
  • Magento payment module development
  • Magento shipping module
  • Magento shopping cart
  • Magento support
  • Magento template design
  • Magento template implementation

Why hire Magento Developer from NewTechFusion ?

  • Cost Effective - Pay as you go
  • No monthly commitment
  • Fast - we guarantee to assign Magento Developer within 24 hours (excluding Sunday and public holidays)
  • Different skill sets - when request hours, you can specify the skill set you need and we will select the best developer for you
  • Transparent and Quick Communication
  • Source Code Right
  • Regular working hours: 8 hours / day, Monday to Saturday- 6 days a week.

Don't hesitate to contact us to Hire Magento Developer now.